House of Hoft

Green Bay, WIsconsin 
April 11, 2021

A sweet lil' blog post for a sweet lil' brand. Amber with House of Hoft reached out to schedule a brand shoot + the stars immediately aligned. After chatting a bit we discovered that we're both from the same small town in the U.P. now living in the Appleton area. I don't know why it is, but whenever I hear of a fellow Yooper living down here its like I have found my soul sister. 

Ambers vision for the shoot was very warm + fresh, her inspiration board had me gooing and gawing so much that I couldn't wait to get in the studio to start shooting,. House of Hoft will be launching these new pieces in the coming weeks and I think it's in your best interest to hop over to her page + support her small shop. I mean look at these pieces.. they're absolutely stunning. Oh did I mention she makes them all by hand. Ya she's a creative genius. 

You can find House of Hoft on Instagram at -@HouseofHoft
or head to her website at 

Amber the heart behind the Brand