Did I mention I love to laugh? I truly think the most beautiful trait a person has is their laughter and their ability to warm the room with it.
I can capture you as your most authentic self, comfortable in your skin enjoying the moment.  

It's all about creating joy & happiness through my work.

lover of adventure, lover of light + lover of happy moments.

about Johnna.

Now I find myself longing for down to earth connections with genuine business owners and families. 
Where the conversation goes beyond small talk and it feels like we're old friends. Not only does that bring value into my work but allows me to truly capture you in this season of life. 

I grew up in the U.P. + being outside is where I thrive. Whether it was spending the entire day at the ski hill or hitting the lake in the summer I spent most of my childhood outdoors. 

"I grew up in the U.P. + being outside is where i thrive."

Chasing your dreams isn't a one day thing for you it's a NOW thing. You understand the power of working hard + showing kindness.

You believe in the power of embracing who you are in each season of life. You can appreciate small warm moments + capturing genuine laughter .

You enjoy getting your feet wet + the perfect summer night is lakeside. You appreciate the little moments in life + are always down to take the scenic route.

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